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A Taiwan-based studio believes that game can be formed by everything. Currently, we are using Augmented Reality(AR) technology to break out your imagine, making the game jump out the device. Not just only shown by AR, but let you immersive experience it.


Going Down AR

A casual game app that using Augmented Reality technology to achieve the design core "somatosensory "and "falling".
Players become the adventurers who hand electric drill in the game, break the floor and jump down floor by floor, move the body to avoid obstacles or dangerous and swing to a safe place during a falling. Experience the process of underground exploration and collecting treasures.
We hope to bring new game experience to the player in 3 to 4 minutes of the game, the player can experience the actual feeling of falling and quickly immersed in it. Therefore, designing and using the player's own body to control the movement in the game has become the core feature of this game.

MoKai Adventure AR

Its worldview comes from mobile game "MoKai Adventure".
Through AR technology we realized using cards to summon monsters in the real world and designed a variety of suitable for children's play.
Pick up your cards and summon MoKai to the arena, become the greatest MoKai summoner!!
Try the new tabletop experience by MoKai Adventure AR to have fun with your family and friends.

Coverage "A QUICK FUN GAME FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS" - Carlos Hernandez, Too Much Gaming

MoKai Adventure

A free-to-play JRPG adventure and monster raising game featuring monsters of various and unique personalities.

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